Friday, July 25, 2008

Paired with Pear

Mmmm! This morning I made another Dreamy smoothie.. pairing notes of lavender, honey and vanilla with pears and green grapes.  The perfect blend of creamy sweetness and exquisite flavor.  Lavender is one of my favorite herbs!  It's floral quality really kicks it to the forefront in a dish.  It is especially complimentary in sweets like lavender sugar, lavender tea, lavender chocolate, lavender coffee etc.. Fresh lavender is THE best! Here in the islands there is a place called Ali'i Kula Lavender on Maui that covers your every lavender need from postcards to lip balm.

Pale Pear smoothie

1 c frozen sliced pear
1/2 c frozen green grapes
handful ice cubes
1/3 c soy yogurt
1 1/2 T cashew butter
1 T honeycomb
3/4 c vanilla hemp milk
1/2 t vanilla bean paste
2 pinches of lavender buds

Combine all ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into two tall, medium sized glasses and garnish with a sprinkle of lavender. Enjoy!
(Side note: You may have to stop blending a few times and stir up the mixture so everything gets evenly blended.)

Substitutions for..
green grapes~add more pear
soy yogurt~yogurt of choice
honeycomb~regular or whipped honey
vanilla hemp milk~ vanilla soy milk
vanilla bean paste~pure vanilla extract or 1/4 t vanilla beans scraped from pod
cashew butter~replace with 1 T sesame tahini

*Lavender has amazing healing qualities.  It's wonderful for soothing the mind and body as well as renewing the spirit and soul.  It enhances sensuality; bringing awareness to ourselves and tuning us into our inner being. ;-)

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Mizziah said...

I think this one is the best. The subtle flavors would seem to accentuate the creaminess and make for a very refreshing beverage... mo'bettah den Jamba juice fo sho! ...mmmmpear