Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Savoring September one bite at a time..

Hello September~! It's been a lonely summer on this blog~! In the past months a lot has happened.. I got engaged~! As well as slimmed down a few sizes. Since I have been busy wedding planning and spending time with my fiance I have minimal time in the kitchen. I've stopped making smoothies and started snacking on whole fruit and other easy snacks.

Here's two of my favorite hunger busters:

Cottage cheese with sliced avocado on top, sprinkle with pepper~! enjoy.
Cinnamon raisin english muffin with cream cheese and honey~! mmm sweet.

I'm a big advocate of eating fat and protein together in meals. I try to eat meat once a day and eat small meals when I get hungry (about every 3 hours.) I have a huge sweet tooth so I try to eat fruit and add honey to dishes to help me from binging on desserts~! I can't wait to share some delicious things to eat in the next few weeks up until my wedding. ;-)