Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Husband, New Home, New Kitchen~!

I am finally making my way on the journey to domestic housewife and I am finding joy in cooking at home (most of the time!) My husband and I had the luxury of living with his parents for our first 4 months of marriage. In which time, I worked through supper time and he came home from his day job to a plate of steaming goodness. Now that we are out in our own apartment the nourishing responsibility has fallen into my lap.

We got married overseas in a small family wedding and didn't have a wedding registry in either of our home countries. So I have enjoyed taking the time to shop for each of our kitchen appliances and each piece of cookware. We bought a Gourmet 6 piece stainless steel cookware set on Boxing Day for $200 off the retail price of $599.99. We took it home to the in-laws and let it sit in our mound of wrapped items for our soon to be kitchen. Fast forward two months and it's christmas day in our new naked kitchen! I'm ripping open our boxes of appliances and cookware like there's no tomorrow.. and then I get to the Stevens 6 piece set and am mortified. As I skim my fingers over the smooth lip of the steel pot I realize.. it isn't smooth is rough and scratchy... Upon closer examination I see there are little cracks eating through the steel with rusty veins. We re-pack it as best as possible and take it back to the orginal store. We learn (along with the sales women) that all of the sets are faulty as well as the individual pots! So we used our refund to skip to the next store and purchase a 4 piece Cuisinart cookware set.

Today I finished watching Julie & Julia! Fabulous. I was so excited I decided to reinvent my cooking blog as break my new kitchen in as well as my role as domestic housewife. I cannot promise to write everyday as Julie Powell did.. you can see that turned into a disaster for her marriage. But, I will be posting regularly!


My first delivery at our new home!
Culinary lavender from a local NZ farm.
$9.90 + $4 shipping.

Order now at:


xoxo, Chloe said...

Are you going to make lavender scones? I'll have to see that movie, everyone loves it :)

Candylei said...

The lavender looks beautiful. Ours is stirring around outside and starting to stretch and grow. We tilled the garden, too!