Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My lips remember New Zealand..

So..New Zealand. Just saying it, makes me yearn to be there again! I was there a month ago for a short jaunt to see a kiwi boy and eat some good food.  A good balance ay? Unfortunately, my camera battery died soon after and I had to resort to taking food pix on a camera phone.  I failed to plan ahead for power outlet differences between american and kiwi power sources.. I now know it is wise to invest in one at the airport for about $17.

I was greeted by cold weather and hearty food when I arrived.  I had several delicious, flaky yet also juicy mince pies.  It's basically like a pot pie but heaps better!  You can get them everywhere from the gas station to Border's cafe.  A simple mince and cheese with some tomato sauce (pretty close to our Heinz ketchup but sweeter) warms the body and soothes the tummy.  When we were grocery shopping I found a bottle of Tuimato sauce which was a hit.  Tui Brewery makes the tomato sauce with a little (2%) of their famous beer.  It's worth passing the ketchup and reaching for it instead.
Kiwi families are very health conscience.  Two of the families homes I got to visit each had an extensive garden with everything from fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit trees.  In the kitchen there was a huge platter filled with different fruits that the family nibbled on.  I tried the yellow kiwifruit that has been engineered to be more sweet and less bitter.  It was divine. It's so good cold and juicy.  I am now in love with kiwifruit. I didn't eat them growing up and I remember being confused in the lunch line as to how to eat them; all those seeds were intimidating!

We had a fancy dinner out or maybe I should say "up" in the Auckland Sky Tower above the city.  I chose lamb for my main entree but the duck souffle appetizer was so much more succulent.  The prices were reasonable though and the view was spectacular!


Candylei said...

Cute title and I'm glad your fingers remember the keyboard.

xoxo, Chloe said...

Kiwi is sooo good. (The fruit I mean) hee hee

Especially in salads. I think every other country except for the US is health conscious. Too bad most people in our country are overweight and on prescription drugs. We need a revolution!